About Us

HeartCare is a self-help group started by people with heart problems (usually angina or a heart attack) to help others in Gt Yarmouth & Waveney with the same problems and to provide support and information. Heart disease has a tremendous impact on an individual’s whole family and HeartCare’s objectives encompass those who care for the sufferer as well. 

Someone who has experienced heart trouble is undoubtedly in the best position to offer comfort and hope to those recovering from the effect of heart disease and HeartCare has a panel of people who can be contacted by anyone needing help to come to terms with their problems.  There are many fears and worries experienced by people with heart disease: sharing these with others helps to share the load. HeartCare also has a base where we hold monthly meetings, meet socially, share problems and experiences, and arrange for speakers to provide interesting and informative talks on subjects related to heart disease – dietary advice, healthy exercise, practical first aid and others of a lighter nature. 

We publish a regular newsletter giving details of forthcoming events, advice, letters, contact phone numbers, and many other ideas, some serious, some light-hearted. We hold social events, fund raising events certainly money is needed to fund the services offered but membership of the group remains free so that anybody who feels that they need our help will not feel they cannot afford to join. 

For the future it is hoped to arrange a section for carers and spouses within HeartCare because of their own particular needs. The group also needs to have access to people in hospital suffering from the effects of heart disease, so that contact can be made and support offered as early as possible.

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