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Heart Support Groups

Bolton Cardiac Support Group
Berwick Heart Support Group
Doncaster Heart Support Group
Hearts in Beds Cardiac Support Group
Heart to Herts
Hartlepool Hearts Coronary Support Group
Heart Throbs HSG (Chase Farm)
Mid-Cheshire Heart Support Group
Milton Keynes Community Cardiac Group
Poole Heart Support Group
Redditch Hale and Hearties
Salisbury Heart Group
Solihull Heart Support Group
Heart Beat Victoria
Mended Hearts inc
The Cardiac Support Group Nottingham
The Cardiac Support Group Nottingham The basic object of the Cardiac Support Group is to boost the morale of both patient and their family by providing support, guidance and advice so that together, they can face the future with confidence and understanding.
The Isle of Wight Heart Care Club

Other Support Groups
Why Quit – a free online cold turkey quit smoking support group

Other Related Sites
Health directory and health resource on the web.
2hearts- spiritual support for those facing heart trauma
A directory of State Registered Chiropodists/Podiatrists
About little known heart conditions that can occur in young people and cause a Sudden Adult Death, some of which cannot be detected at utopsy.

The British Heart Foundation
The Heart: An Online Exploration
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
Congenital Heart Disease Information and Resource
Family Village – Heart Disorders
Cardiac Disease in Children (American Heart Association)
Baby Heart Press
Heart Surgery Forum
Library of Heart Diagrams
The Mining Company – Heart Disease

UK Hospitals

James Paget

Papworth Hospital
Everard Cambridge

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Ipswich Hospital

Unrelated Sites

All you need to know about Lowestoft
A TaiChi site with a difference, with Features page, Chat Forum and lots more. Order TaiChi Goods Direct; Videos, custom wear including relaxing CD/Audio ‘Medition’ plus Long Distance Learning.